"You Can't Possibly Expect Me To Do That!" is a long-titled game about death. It's not particuarly morbid
in any way, however. In several platformer games, after death, your player's body will be flung into the air,
going through everything solid, and falls off the bottom of the screen. However, in this game., you can be
revived! By strategically flinging your dead body across the stage, you can get to new places that your living
self couldn't. Features 18 levels, which can be acessed at any time.

     This is probably my favorite 2d platformer. Ever. (Acid, 64Digits)
     Really. F***ing. Addictive. (DarkSirrusGames, 64Digits)
This has been the best case if irony I have ever seen in any piece of work. (KNZone2, 64Digits)

64Digits info page (Includes screenshots and download)

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